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Review of the Movie The Hunger Games Catching Fire by Justin Williams, The Voice We are lucky; all of us who live here in the United States have been blessed with happy homes and a safe place to live. We have a government who cares about us and wants us all to prosper. We take […]

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D204 Students Participate in Republican Governor Debate on WTTW

Students from Waubonsie Valley and Metea Valley participated in a live debate for candidates for Republican Illinois governor on Sunday night. The debate aired on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight. The one-hour forum gave students the opportunity to meet the candidates and ask questions about their views on certain topics, ranging from the legalization of marijuana to […]

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From Shakespeare to Cyrus

The devaluing of the English language by Natalie Stewart, The Voice Is the English language dumbing down for the sake of becoming more socially well rounded? This is the question posed when made-up words such as “selfie” and “twerk” are made official and placed in the new edition of The Oxford Dictionary. When events like […]

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