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Something new to watch

by Justin Williams, The Voice It’s a very good idea to get out of your comfort zone for this Netflix show, but I will guarantee that anyone who watches this will enjoy it. Black Butler is one of the best written anime to be found on Netflix. The plot is set in the Victorian Era […]

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Book Review: Gone

by Justin Williams, The Voice Most people in today’s time are not avid book readers but this one is very much worth it.  Gone, by Michael Grant is about the children of Perdido Beach in California. The plot is that all the adults have disappeared, more precisely any one above the age fifteen has vanished. […]

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The Voice of the Warrior: Student Council

by Natalie Stewart, The Voice As students become used to the routine of the school year, thoughts lean toward anticipation of the homecoming dance and events soon to take place. Many are trying to figure what they will wear and who they are going with but few think about how these events are made possible. […]

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Advice for the Class of ’17

by Justin Williams, The Voice Four quick tips for freshmen. Small things that will help you get used to our school a little quicker. 1. The huge school This school is incredibly large; this place is like a maze in its own right. A helpful tip is to just look for cues to help you get […]

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