Memory Grove Remembers Waubonsie Students

by Alyssa Pappas, WVTV

One of the rocks that establishes Memory Grove on the campus of Waubonsie Valley. (Alyssa Pappas/WVTV)

AURORA, IL – Waubonsie Valley has a special place on campus that memorializes students and staff that have passed on too soon.

“Memory Grove is located between the varsity baseball field and the sophomore baseball field,” said Waubonsie Valley social studies teacher Kevin Rafferty. “It’s developed over the years as simply a place for the community to support family members that have lost young men and young women who are students at Waubonsie and for us to have a memorial on campus grounds.”

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The memorial for Cathy Dodd, a WV student who passed away in August 2000. (Alyssa Pappas/WVTV)

Memory Grove consists of trees and benches that are marked with plaques of students and staff. The memorials are a reminder of not only the individuals themselves, but of the challenges that today’s students are facing. Students can still do their part to keep those memories alive.

“We have an opportunity for young people this school year and every school year going forward to keep alive the connection from one generation of this Waubonsie Valley family to their generation and future generations,” said Rafferty. “That family member knows that their child is still a part of who we are and everyone that comes through here is touched by their child.”