Retired Teacher Returns to Waubonsie as Long-Term Substitute

by Leslie Tuszynski, WVTV Reporter

AURORA – A longtime teacher who retired in 2019 has returned to the classroom as a substitute teacher. Millie Shepich has been filling in as a health teacher since early February. She says it’s been an adjustment to be back in the building on a regular basis.

Retired teacher Millie Shepich has returned to Waubonsie Valley High School as a long-term substitute teacher. (photo credit / WVTV)

“For me it’s been a huge adjustment. I know in our curriculum right now we’re talking about adjusting to stressors, and, I gotta admit, I haven’t really adjusted that well to an open schedule because I like to be around people. My friends are working still, and I was just lucky because I didn’t have to take any time off and my husband still works, so I was kind of bored. That was a big adjustment for me not having that day-to-day connection and having a sense of purpose.”

Shepich has been a sub numerous times over the past two years but wasn’t teaching on a daily basis. She says the day-to-day grind is different from being a full-time teacher to being a substitute teacher, but, for her, it was like riding a back. It all came back to her.

“Hopefully, I can add some life experience and a little bit of fun.”

– Millie shepich, retired waubonsie valley teacher

“Learning should be invigorating, and I just feel like that when I try to get in front of the groups I’m working with. whether I’m the long-term sub now or if I’m going to come in and fill in for a teacher. I just want to bring my best to it and try to make that transition. I’m here to serve the teachers and the students, and I know how hard it is when you’re a teacher, and you have to miss. So just to be able to come back in and know that there was a person there that cares about what’s going on in a school setting and trying to make it as seamless as possible for the students. I don’t replace their teacher. I’m just there to help and then hopefully I can add some life experience and a little bit of fun.