Waubonsie Freshman Part of Area Girls Hockey Teams

Emily Shields plays with the Chicago Hawks Hockey Club in Darien.
(photo credit / Shield Family)

by Delilah Scheiber, WVTV Reporter

AURORA – Waubonsie Valley freshman Emily Shield plays hockey for two local clubs in Illinois. The defenseman is part of the Naper Valley Warriors Hockey Club and Chicago Hawks Hockey Club.

“It’s so cool to be able to play a sport, first of all, and to make so many new friends that live all over Illinois through that sport,” said Shield.

Women’s hockey has become more popular in recent years, especially with the success of United States women’s hockey team. Because of that, Shield says she has players and role models to look up to, such as Hillary Knight.

“It’s so cool to see more girls playing hockey because when I was younger, I only watched the NHL and to see these girls playing and they’re so good and it’s so cool to idolize them because they also play and they’re this good. I just want to be like them, so it makes me work harder.”

Representing Waubonsie in the Naperville Valley Warriors has been exciting for her, as she’s had the opportunity to play with girls she’s met outside of school. Naper Valley is a combination of student-athletes from ten high schools, including Waubonsie Valley, Neuqua Valley and Metea Valley.

“It’s girls from a lot of different clubs and a lot of different levels of hockey. There’s the highest level with the best girls in the country, so I’m playing with those girls, but I’m also playing with girls on my regular team and in my regular league. There are friends that I have on other teams that are on my high school team that I play against in club, so it’s fun to play with them.”