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Winter mainstage haunts Waubonsie

You didn’t say it was Haunted is about an aging director who “is planning a horror epic that would even turn Hitchcock pale. Mary, his slightly wacky aide, rents a house for the production, complete with cobwebs, banging shutters, a non working phone, and an erratic electrical system. A dangerous criminal escapes from a nearby […]

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Hungry for More

Review of the Movie The Hunger Games Catching Fire by Justin Williams, The Voice We are lucky; all of us who live here in the United States have been blessed with happy homes and a safe place to live. We have a government who cares about us and wants us all to prosper. We take […]

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A spectrum of Music

WVHS presents Prism Concert by Rushil Shukla, Featured Writer to the Beat This winter, Waubonsie Valley is gearing up to host its 22nd annual Prism Concert Series. The concerts give students from band, choir, and orchestra a chance to showcase their unique musical talents and abilities, and are a great way to get into the […]

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A survivor is born

A Review of Tomb Raider by Justin Williams, The Voice Crystal Dynamics has been almost unseen in the video game industry as of recently. Their last games were the remnants of the Tomb Raider series.  With assistance from Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics took a new approach on Lara Croft redefining the character in many ways.  […]

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Superman breaks bad

Review: Injustice Gods Among Us By Justin Williams, The Voice After playing the complete failure that was Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe, many DC fans believed that a good fighting game with DC heroes was nothing but a dream. Lucky for fans of fighting games, the Netherrealm studios and DC comics never gave up working […]

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