Music Video Wins at Los Angeles Film Festival

Meyani Montano stars in “Youth”, which was set in Chicago. (photo credit/VicramFilms)

Los Angeles, CA – WVTV junior Vicram Chatterjee took home hardware from the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. The music video “Youth” won first place in the student film category.

Produced, filmed and edited by Chatterjee, “Youth” is a story about a recovering alcoholic, who’s mistake costs his girlfriend her life. Set to the song by Daughter, the music video stars juniors Matt Hix and Meyani Montano. The story encapsulates ideas such as denial, the subconscious, and our tendency to reject what we do not want to face.

“It was a humbling experience, but also well worth it after dedicating ourselves to the process of creating the video,” said Chatterjee. “It’s great to see myself grow as a filmmaker and know that there is more to learn. The positive feedback from viewers and my peers was a great experience.”

A couple reflects on photos in “Youth”. (photo credit/VicramFilms)

“The whole time I was doubting it because it seemed a lot different from our usual work,” said Hix, “but that was a great thing in the end.”

The music video has also been entered in the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, as well as, Chicagoland’s year-end high school film festival, Midwest Media Educators Association.