Waubonsie Looks to Curb Tardies at Beginning of School Day

by Paisley Namowicz, WVTV Reporter

(photo credit / WVTV)

AURORA – Waubonsie Valley is once again instituting consequences for first period tardies at the beginning of the school day, in hopes of encouraging students to arrive to school on time.

If a student arrives to school past 7:25, they will be issued a tardy and will have to serve a detention for the first 20 minutes of their lunch period that day. Last school year, administration said that the beginning of first period was a problem for students.

“That first 10 minutes after the bell, there is a consistent lateness that we said needed to be addressed,” said Waubonsie Valley dean Jimmie Jacobs. “If we’re late to our jobs, there’s going to be some sort of impact. School is the exact same. You have to be here on time if you want to maximize the benefits that we have to offer. There’s a certain amount of punctuality that is needed to make this all successful. It’s important that students are here on time so that way the teachers in the classroom can get that opportunity.

The school said that it’s not a matter of punishing students, but, rather a learning opportunity about why it’s important to arrive on time.

“It’s not a ‘gotcha’ moment. We’re wanting for students to be here, get the quality education that we’re offering, and then continue on with the rest of their life goals and life plans. It’s just that we can’t do what we need to do if they’re not here on time. Recognize there is a responsibility from us as a school to teach, from you as a student to learn, but it needs to be known by all get to school on time to get the best education that we’re trying to offer you.”