New Practice to Begin in Attempt to Help Curb Student Tardiness

AURORA – Waubonsie Valley is implementing a new practice in hopes of curbing student tardies to the start of the day.

Beginning on Monday, January 23, Waubonsie will select random days in which teachers will close their doors at the official beginning of the school day. Students who are late will not be allowed into their classroom for the duration of their first period. Instead, students will be directed to the cafeteria where they will be attended for and supervised.

In an e-mail home to families on Thursday night, Waubonsie Valley principal Jason Stipp said, “The past few months we have noticed more students not getting to their first period class at the start of the 7:25 bell. In many cases this is just students needing to make it more of a priority in being prompt for first period, as opposed to a legitimate reason for tardiness. Thus, we will begin the following practice starting the week of January 23rd and will continue this practice throughout second semester to support promptness for first period.”

Stipp said that the tardy will count for an unexcused absence towards the student’s first period class that day. Students will be allowed to complete work through Google classroom. However, credit could be negated due to the unexcused absence.

Stipp continued, “We hope this practice will reinforce the importance of planning and preparing for the school day to begin on time, at 7:25. As we often do in school, many of the lessons we try to instill are greater than the content we teach, the importance of being prompt and prepared is one of those future focusses.”