Steel Band Brings World Music to Waubonsie

by Rosie Schroeder, Reporter, Warrior Update

Waubonsie Valley Steel Band meets after school on Monday to rehearse David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance.” (photo credit / WVTV)

AURORA – It’s a small group of students that meets once a week, but they create a sound for the world. Part of Waubonsie Valley’s World Beat, which was founded in 2009, steel band gives students the opportunity to learn the steel pan and the Caribbean sound that it creates.

“I really enjoy the music, the sounds of it, because I’ve never really heard a drum make a high-pitched sound like a steel drum,” said sophomore Sarah Bauer. “It just sounds really cool to me.”

“That’s the thing I look forward to. It’s really enjoyable because I don’t focus on school. I’m just playing music,” said junior Michael Bauer. “I started doing this in sixth grade. My band teacher really was the one who got me into it, and ever since then, I’ve just been like ‘wow, this is so much fun. I’m going to keep doing this.'”

“There isn’t really anything like this around the area. It is a very unique experience to this school.”

You can catch steel band performances at Waubonsie Valley’s percussion festival and the spring percussion concert.