League of Women Voters Offers Students Opportunity to Register to Vote

by Jacob Roth, Reporter, Warrior Update

AURORA – The Naperville League of Women Voters visited Waubonsie Valley in mid-September. Hosted by Waubonsie Valley’s government classes, students learned about the voter registration process and the importance of voting. Students who were eligible were also able to register to vote.

“I just thought it was super cool that we get the chance to do it via our school,” said senior D’Angelo Carbajal, “instead of going out of our way through our busy schedule throughout the week or weekends to go out and vote ourselves and register. So I thought it was super useful and super great to just have that option of doing it at school during a class period.”

“They actually came to the school and I just had to bring two forms of ID,” said senior Sophia Trevino. “I brought my school ID and my license. I thought it was pretty cool. I feel like more as like an adult now that I’m able to vote, to be participating in my community and like make choices that may affect my future here.

“I feel like it’s surreal too,” said Carbajal. “Tt didn’t really hit me when I was there until after I got home and shared with my grandma and my parents. I think it’s super awesome to have that opportunity at the age I am in high school. After I was finished registering, I went home and then I saw how you could get more involved how youth engagement impacts politics, and now I just feel like I could contribute back to society even if it’s a small minor change. It makes me really feel important and kind of like I could also be part of something bigger than myself.”