Educators Say Goodbye to Waubonsie and Hello to Retirement

Health teacher emcees her last assembly at Waubonsie Valley High School (photo credit / WVTV)

AURORA – Two Waubonsie educators are saying farewell after more than a combined 50 years of teaching experience. Millie Shepich and Laurel Chesla are retiring in June, and there’s a lot that they will miss.

“The traditions, the things you do everyday that sometimes seem mundane, but it’s the things you look forward to. I’m going to miss walking in and seeing my colleagues,” said Shepich. “The other thing I’m going to miss a lot is the pep assemblies. We’re so unique with what we do…the way we try to embrace and encompass at different times in different ways all groups. I’m going to miss that.”

Reading Specialist Laurel Chesla speaks with an English class about The Great Gatsby (photo credit / WVTV)

“I love what I do,” said Chesla. “I love that it’s been different every year with the role that I have played here. But I love being with people and that’s what I’m going to miss. The staff and the kids here are just great. I’ve worked in three different high schools, and this has been the best.”

With all their years of experience, the two have advice for teachers just getting into education.

“It’s always changing,” said Shepich. “You just have to be flexible with what’s going on. Have fun with what you’re doing, and, I think most important, I always say you just have to love your students. “

“The world has just gotten so much more challenging and so much faster, just to have patience, and I’ve already started to tell that to the younger teachers, said Chesla. “I just hope I have left the legacy for the love of reading and the need to read and the need to engage students in your classroom.”

“All the years my being here…it’s so special to just celebrate people and the wonderful things we do together,” said Shepich

“I just want to really say thank you to the staff and the students at Waubonsie for allowing me to become a professional part of their lives,” said Chesla. “And it has enriched me and I hope that I have enriched them in some way.”