Waubonsie Valley Accompanist Fills United Center with Music

by Kenzi Green, Reporter, WVTV

CHICAGO – If you’ve been to a Chicago Blackhawks game this year, chances are that you’ve heard the music of a Waubonsie Valley staff member choral accompanist Carrie Marcotte plays the organ for hockey games at the United Center.

Waubonsie choral accompanist Carrie Marcotte plays the organ at a Blackhawks game at the United Center. (photo credit / Carrie Marcotte)

“It’s really fun,” said Marcotte. “I had no idea how much fun it would be to have 21,000 people cheering for a game. It’s the largest crowd I’ve ever played for, and I get pumped up and energized just watching the game. My favorite is when I can get the crowd involved in the game, so when I can get them cheering or singing along, that’s my favorite.”

“It’s been fun the opportunities that have sprung out of playing organ for the Blackhawks. Notre Dame had me come and play for a few hockey games and then this year, the Chicago Bulls did a throwback series of games and I played for a few Bulls games.”

One of Marcotte’s most enjoyable moments happened recently as she and her son were able to play at a game together. “This year, they had some theme games called ‘Best Day Ever’ and my son got to come in and be a junior organist with me, and so it was really fun to share that experience with him.”

You can see Marcotte play for one of Waubonsie’s choral programs. For more information, visit wvhsmusic.com.

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