Week Helps Spread Spirit Throughout School

by Maggie Korneta

Last week, Waubonsie Valley celebrated Spirit Week. The themes and events that go on during the week of homecoming are ways to get students, parents, and teachers more involved with the school. Events such as the Color Run, Dancing with the Warriors, Powder Puff Football, the variety show, and many others help people get excited for the dance. 

Two students show off their spirit during Tie Dye Day of Homecoming Week. (photo credit / Maggie Korneta)

Waubonsie Valley Principal Jason Stipp is a big fan of Spirit Week. “I want to be a part of a school that kids are excited to be at,” said Stipp. “I think school spirit is one of the things we look back on and realize that it was something that will be remembered forever, especially during homecoming week.” 

There are many events during spirit week that students, staff and families enjoy. “Dancing with the Warriors is definitely one of the most popular events during spirit week,” Stipp continued. “A lot of parents, staff and students showed up to either participate or watch the dances going on.” Dancing with the Warriors has been a popular event for years, and it has been very enjoyable for the people participating. “The money goes back to the student council, and they end up doing a couple things with it.”

Not only do the events bring excitement for the dance, but Spirit Week also helps improve the school by raising money from the events hosted. “Usually they end up giving scholarships to students, and they also sometimes give a class gift,” said Stipp. “They also use the money to pay for the DJ’s at the dances.” The student council and Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) both find ways to use the money for the school’s benefit.

Staff dressed up in jerseys for Sports Day of Homecoming Week (photo credit / Maggie Korneta)

Out of all the events that are hosted, it’s hard to choose a favorite. “There’s a lot of events I love. I love the Hall of Fame dinner because I like seeing all the alumni come back. I love the pep assembly and all the acts performed in it,” said Stipp. “It’s a memorable week for a lot of our students, and each event has its own little flare.”