Kind of A-Maze-ing

The best and worse changes from book to movie spoilers below

By Justin Williams, the Voice

The Maze Runner movie logoEvery moment of oppression, the helplessness, hunger, and brutality, came to life on the screens that remained dormant on page. The differences from the book and movie were both satisfactory and cringe-worthy to watch. Now first and foremost, The Maze Runner was really good, but it suffers from the flaws that most movies today have to deal (this shall be discussed in another article). Its similarities to the book hold up very well, but there were a few major plot details that were changed to make the movie flow better.


In the books, certain events were awkward and they would not have translated well into movie format. One example is how there were some locations in the movie that never existed in the book, like the area where Thomas goes with Minho with the closing shutters that never existed in the book. They also changed how The Gladers escaped The Maze. Originally, they escaped The Maze by jumping off a cliff into an invisible square that lead into a tunnel that went on for hours. In the movie, they took a part of a Griever and used it to open up an exit that allowed The Gladers to escape. If they had put this in the movie we would have had to watch Dylan O’Brien and a bunch of his ragtag team of friends jump into literally a hole in the middle of nowhere. It was meant to be a leap of faith type scenario, but in a movie setting it would have just looked weird.

Next on the chopping block is that certain characters were a lot closer than they were in the books and others were way farther apart such as Thomas and Chuck. In the books Thomas and Chuck were best friends, yet in the movie they were more like a teenager and little kid that had random deep conversations from time to time. It’s a little gripe but still if you’re an avid book reader you’re going to notice these little things. Another one of The Gladers, Newt, played a much larger role in the movie being that he was pretty much the second in command which doesn’t stay true to the books, but the movie needed another main character to balance it out so this is a welcoming change. Now another gigantic plot point that was decidedly left out was the genuine bond between Teresa and Thomas. Their bond might as well have been magical in the books but in the movie their relationship was really spread apart. They also left out the giant part where they’re supposed to have telepathy but according to the writers we’re not supposed to talk about that. They were supposed to be a lot closer than they were in the movie, but instead Teresa wakes up, stabs Thomas in the chest, and then becomes his friend for some odd reason. Sure, they have a cute little scene on top of a tree but that moment seemed really useless.

Other than those things, there is not much left to be upset about when comparing the book and movie. The movie itself was ok. The writers could have tried to avoid certain stereotypes that apply to all movies, but the movie was short, sweet, and to the point. It could have used a little more time to assess characters that didn’t feel as drawn out. In the end although the changes could be called wicked, keep in mind that “WCKD is good.”