Aurora Police to Step Up Patrols Along Eola Road

by Tanya Kichakov., WVTV Reporter

(photo credit / WVTV)

AURORA – Aurora Police will be increasing patrols in the Waubonsie Valley parking lot and along Eola Road, in order to keep the students in the community safe throughout the school day.

Police advise to drive the posted speed limit and refrain from texting and driving. Police also want to remind student drivers that if they are involved in a minor traffic accident in the parking lot or roadway that they should stop and check on the other driver. In addition, drivers should exchange information including their name, insurance and contact information for the purposes of insurance and police documentation. Police want to remind drivers that failing to stop after being involved in an accident can result in serious legal consequences.

Since school began in August, there have been at least five traffic accidents in the parking lot with three of them having one or both offenders leaving the scene. Police also say traffic crashes on Eola Road at South Oakhurst Drive have been on the rise due to speed around the curve and cars pulling out in front of Eola Road traffic. Police say the city of Aurora is working on installing a traffic signal at that intersection. Remember to drive safely Warriors. For Warrior Update, I’m Tanya Kichakov.