Waubonsie Student Brands Own Line of Clothing

by Maggie Korneta, Reporter, The Beat

This year, numerous students have been seen wearing clothing from a brand called ASYM, which was created by a student that currently attends Waubonsie Valley. 

A Waubonsie student sports an ASYM sweatshirt. (photo credit / Micah Horne)

Senior Micah Horne created ASYM Clothing. “I started to take an interest in fashion and designer brands when I moved from Michigan to Illinois in 2015, so I decided to create a clothing brand to further explore the industry. I started planning out the company in 2017, and in August of 2018, I launched my first line,” said Horne. Since 2018, there have been six lines dropped.

There is a lot of thought and effort put into Horne’s clothing company. “The brand is called ASYM, which is short for asymmetrical, because all the logos are drawn asymmetrically. The logos are very simple, but they still remain unique and draw customers in,” said Horne. “I also do everything myself. I order the shirts off of jiffy shirts, I have my own machine to embroider it, I take all the pictures that are displayed on my website, and I know all the models personally.”

When Horne’s company first started, a special person in her life played a key role in her success. “My dad inspired me because when I started to take an interest in fashion, he was there for me and offered his support throughout the process of creating my own clothing brand,” said Horne. Horne’s father still motivates her and supports her throughout the growth of her business.

Later this January, Horne will be dropping a new line. “I’m going to introduce beanies to the winter collection. There also may be a winter sale, but I’m not gonna spoil too much,” said Horne. “There is a lot of potential for my business, so I hope to continue to see growth. I also hope I can continue to drop more varieties of ASYM clothing and accessories.”