Warrior Wearhouse Gets Creative to Sell Spirit Wear

Hats are on display at a Warrior Wearhouse pop-up shop.
(photo credit / WVTV)

AURORA – It used to be crowded on Fridays at the Warrior Wearhouse in Waubonsie Valley’s student option area. Fans would stand in line to buy the latest Warrior Wear. But since the pandemic, the Warrior Wearhouse has had to think differently about how to sell items.

Last week, the Waubonsie Valley Athletic Boosters hosted a pop-up shop in a Waubonsie neighborhood. Initially in March, they restocked items because they thought school would be returning sooner rather than later.

“We were lucky with our budget at the current time, and they said go ahead and order, so we did,” said Warrior Wearhouse co-director Shelby Schultz. “And then we still didn’t return to school. So my basement became the new Warrior Wearhouse.”

“There’s no way around getting onto the property, so we said, ‘let’s do a pop-up.’ We were seeing them in a lot of the restaurants. We can do it in the driveway. I have a big enough lot that we can maintain social distance, and just really publicize it.”

Warrior Update feature story on WVHS Boosters’ pop-up shop.

“It’s a lot of fun, and we need to get the inventory sold because it makes money ultimately for the school, ultimately for the athletic teams.”

The Wearhouse is a team effort, operated by volunteers.

“Each pop-up, we get the volunteers we need. It’s usually anywhere from 10 to 15 people. They’ll come. They will lug boxes and boxes out of my basement, get the hold thing set up. They donate their tables to us. We couldn’t do it without the volunteers.”

For more information or to shop, visit wvhsboosters.org.