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Warrior Nation Application

Waubonsie is regularly recognized as one of the best high schools in the nation.   We are recognized for our academic strength, the wide spectrum of activities and more importantly, the pride of our students and community!  There is no other school like us! 


Warrior Nation is the school as a collective unit who holds the WV Pride and Spirit dear to their heart.  At the heart of that Warrior Nation is a group of students that regularly meets to discuss and design efforts to increase the overall Warrior Spirit within the halls.  This group is comprised of 10 Senior Warriors that reach into many different facets of the happenings of WVHS.  We try to have Student Council, Fall, Winter and Spring sports, along with LINK crew and students from many clubs represented.  This gives us an overall wide spectrum of all that goes on at WVHS.  The more that we know what’s going on, the better we can plan! 

 If you attend sporting events and participate in Spirit Days…If you think you have creative ideas and the enthusiasm to lead others…we advise you to complete the application and look for Warrior Nation meeting events to take part in toward the end of the year. 


Want to lead?  Here’s your chance! 



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