Wednesday “Office Hours” Return to Waubonsie Valley

by Delilah Scheiber, Reporter, WVTV

AURORA – Waubonsie Valley High School is bringing back Tribe Time, a 30-minute period on Wednesdays when students are allowed time and access to teachers or staff that they have not otherwise have time to meet with during the week.

“You can basically go to any teacher you want or you can do homework or go to the option areas for each grade,” said Stephen Thomas, a senior at Waubonsie Valley. “That just allows you to have some free time or some time to do some extra learning or extra homework inside the school day rather than outside the day.”

Students can take the opportunity to see a teacher or a counselor make up a test or quiz use a time for quiet study or just take the time to pause and recharge.

Students may receive an invite from a teacher or counselor to meet during Tribe Time or students may request to meet with them.

“For many students you can go get help in a more personalized setting with your teachers,” said Thomas. “For example there may be only be like five or ten people as opposed to a full class of like 25-30 people. I think it’s important to try to bring it back at least because I feel like it really helped me personally a freshman year I remember
going in and asking for help especially in biology and math in order to better understand
the concepts and then help me have a better year of learning.”

Tribe Time will be every Wednesday morning between second and third periods between 8:59 a.m and 9:29 a.m.

Waubonsie Valley will be testing out Tribe Time on Wednesday, December 14th.