Students Offer Their Perspective on Return to School Plan

AURORA – Although there have been surveys submitted by Indian Prairie School District staff and parents, the biggest stakeholders, the students, have not had a chance to share their opinions about returning to school in person in August. The Beat sent out a Google Form, asking for student voices, and these are just some of the responses that we received.

Updated Tuesday, July 28

Maggie, WV junior, “I honestly think that without doing school in person, we won’t learn as much. My biggest issue is that not all of my classes are available online and I need them for college. I feel that without aid like ARC to help us get extra help, we won’t be able to absorb the information like normal. As much as I wish We could do extracurriculars, I know That it is pretty impossible to do, which I understand. However, I feel that in person school is necessary for our success in the future.”

Anna, WV junior, “I feel like everyone will be getting really behind with all their work, especially if they chose to do online. I know that e-learning definitely didn’t work for me so I really don’t know how all this will go. I wish there were more options for us students.”

Lexi, WV junior, “I only chose to go back to physical school because the majority of my classes were not offered online. The options for remote learning were very limited.”

Anshul, WV senior, “I think the plan is a good idea, but it may become hard as cases continue to rise in Illinois. I also think IPSD needs to be clearer about how classes will work when half the kids are home and the other half at school.”

Posted Friday, July 24

Madison, a freshman at Waubonsie Valley, said, “I think that I will learn more at school, but I want everyone to stay safe. In my years some of my best teachers were ones in the higher risk categories 60+. With this in mind I think we should maybe just all e learn for everyone’s safety.”

Waubonsie Valley senior Katie, said, “Obviously I want to be back in school, but I feel like things will be super weird with people not all being there. Things are going to be weird and no matter what, people will be exposed to people that have been exposed to the virus. I think it would be better if we did our regular schedules and moved around as usual.” Katie expressed concern about what extracurriculars like theatre and music would look like.

WV senior Kaiden said, “I am excited to be back, but I do not know how the hybrid of elearning and face to face instruction is going to play out for the students and staff, but I do believe it’s the best option. I am also curious to know the protocol if a staff member or student were to contract covid during the school year.”

Senior Maggie, a WVTV producer and contributer to The Beat, said, “I’m happy that I am going to be able to return to some sort of a normal schedule. I miss my friends and the administration at waubonsie, and I really hope eventually we can return to full time school with everyone.”

WVHS junior Ally said, “I think that there are no good options to keep everyone safe. However, doing completely online will receive little to no effort and little to no completion resulting in a loss of school year. If we divided off of last name I know many many kids will be without their friends that they have hung out with everyday over the summer and would continue to hang out on off days in the school year which could result in a wider spread along with emotional issues for students going to school not knowing anyone. I would ultimately love to go back everyday with everyone but do understand that it is in no way a safe or smart option.”

Keylyn, a sophomore at Waubonsie, said, “I think school should start with online classes and then if covid 19 starts to go away we can slowly start coming back to school.”

WV senior Shreya said, “I want to go back to school, but I think it would be more logically to do something similar to the Elgin school district: remote learning for first quarter and then decide if it’s okay to come back.”

Some students were frustrated by the Online Academy process, in which, not all electives and AP courses are offered online.

WV senior Landon said, “I’m very concerned about returning to school with the hybrid option currently, but I feel no choice but to do so if I want to keep the schedule with the elective and AP classes that I chose back in January in which a few aren’t currently offered in the online academy option.

“The situation that I and many others are now in make the choices here really unfair in which we will now have to risk our own health just to have the classes even though many of us picked those classes because we were interested in learning the subjects. Keep in mind that having more students at school in a hybrid option due to the circumstances still increases the risk of getting the virus to ourselves and to our community. For many of us who want to learn, the decision that is coming upon us is an illusion of choice.”

Ethan, also a Waubonsie senior, said, “Regardless of what happens, safety must be prioritized. Although, especially for seniors, students should still have the ability to experience high school safely with their friends and go to football games, homecoming, etc. High school is a unique experience that a person has a short limited time to experience, but the memories they make will stick with them forever.”

Any IPSD students who wish to express their opinion may still fill out the Google Form here.