Principal Jason Stipp Holds Live Instagram Session with Students

NAPERVILLE – On Friday, Waubonsie Valley principal Jason Stipp took to Instagram to speak to students in a live interactive format. Stipp appeared with his son and daughter, who helped him with some of the technical aspects of Instagram and interacting with students.

Stipp said that although he sometimes gets frustrated with social media, he appreciates it because he gets to keep up with what students are doing, while out of the building.

One student asked about e-learning and grades. “Stay connected with your classes,” Stipp told students. “We want you to continue learning with your courses. If you have any past assignments that were missing, turn those in. Continue learning. Never has it been so important for you to be connected, just to give you some normalcy and some routine.”

“You are watching history roll out right in front of your eyes,” Stipp told students. “That’s a powerful thing. Be aware of that. Try to find the gifts that are out there as far as time and opportunities.”

A couple student questions Stipp received were difficult to answer, including those about prom and graduation. Stipp said that there just aren’t a lot of answers right now about the school year, and that they need to wait on information from the district, county government, state government and the federal government.

The question-and-answer session allowed Stipp to do what he says he does best. “I just miss seeing everybody,” Stipp told everyone. “I just miss school. I miss what I do really well, and that’s being a part of the school.”

The session ran about 30 minutes, and was viewed by over 100 people. Stipp told his audience that he would return with another interactive session next Friday.

He finished with the traditional “Warriors on three…one, two, three, Warriors!”