Spring Musical Canceled

AURORA – Waubonsie Valley Fine Arts canceled its 2020 spring musical on Thursday.

The department released a statement saying, “It is with heavy hearts that we must officially announce cancellation of the 2020 WVHS production of The Addams Family. We have been trying to remain optimistic that current events would allow us to get back to school and showcase our amazing students, but as you all know, we are not scheduled to return to school until after our performances would have ended.”

The release cited the loss of ticket revenue and getting a refund from the show’s distributor as reasons that they would not have been able to postpone the event until a later date.

“We cannot guarantee that we would have access to our auditorium to hold a performance. If we are back in May as we hope, there will be many events needing access to that space.”

A main factor included allowing students to focus on elearning, without the work of having to “memorize lines, songs, etc. for a show that we cannot guarantee will happen.”

For more information, visit wvhs.ipsd.org.