SAT School Day Scores Released Starting May 3rd


April 2018

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

SAT scores from the April 10 administration will be available to students in their College Board account beginning on Thursday, May 3. If students cannot view their scores, they should call the College Board’s Student SAT Helpline at 1-866-756-7346.

If students have not already done so, they may create a College Board account by visiting This account allows students to access both SAT and AP scores online and send them to colleges. They can also use this account to view the questions and answers from their SAT test and see explanations of each question. In addition, students may link their results to Khan Academy to receive personalized practice based on their results.

Information to help interpret SAT scores can also be found on the College Board website at:

Scores for some students will be released later than May 3 for reasons that include participation in the
later accommodations testing window or on the makeup testing date, late receipt of answer sheets,
missing information on the answer sheet, or other conditions that require additional attention.

Charles Sprandel
Executive Director of Research and Assessment
Indian Prairie Community Unit School District 204