Golden Lab is District’s Newest Safety Tool

by Carina Collins

District 204 has implemented a new safety measure in Bear, a golden lab safety dog. (photo credit / WVTV)

Indian Prairie School District 204 is incorporating another safety tool, a dog named Bear. Normally when you think of a dog patrolling the hallways, you think of lockdowns and searches. In Bear’s case, it’s more of a safety measure and precaution.

“We’re more into the prevention side. That’s the reason we’re here” said Interquest manager Glenn Vade Bon Coeur, who handles Bear. “You forget in this business the vast majority of kids out there are making good choices, and they want a good education. So we’ve taken a different approach where we use real friendly breeds like labs and goldens that don’t intimidate everybody. Bear should be part of your culture. His reason that he’s here is because you have a good school here, and his job is to make sure it stays that way.”

Bear’s job goes above and beyond finding just illegal substances in school. He also is able to locate gun powder or residue, alcohol, prescription medications and more.

“Bear has a shopping list of things that don’t belong in school. We know you’re concerned about having a safe educational environment across the district. 204 has brought multiple tools together to try and make the environment as safe as we can for kids.”