Locker Requests 18/19

Click Here to select a locker for the 2018/19 school year.

Please know:
-This survey is UNAVAILABLE to freshmen. Freshmen Lockers have been assigned and will be on their schedules at their LINK Orientation. We will NOT be allowing Freshmen to choose lockers in a different location. We cannot make exceptions to this.
-Freshmen Lockers are on the first floor of WVHS.
-Using the survey, students (Grade 10-12) will be able to select a general hallway location…not a specific locker number.
-Locker assignments will be ONLY for the current school year. They will NOT be long term assignments.
-As hallways “fill up” due to being selected by students, those hallways will no longer be able to be selected in the -survey.
-The survey will be available beginning on Aug 24th at 7:00 AM. It will be available ONLY off of the main student start up page of
-Assigned lockers will be assigned and available in Home Access Center beginning on Sept 10th.