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Review of the Movie The Hunger Games Catching Fire catching-fire-wallpapers-catching-fire-movie-33312389-1280-800

by Justin Williams, The Voice

We are lucky; all of us who live here in the United States have been blessed with happy homes and a safe place to live. We have a government who cares about us and wants us all to prosper. We take stories like Divergent (and I will get to that at some point) or the Hunger Games and don’t truly think about what living under a truly oppressive government would be like. Well the most important thing our government and religions have taught us is that there is always hope that a single spark can always catch fire. A great representation of this value is the sequel to the original Hunger Games perfectly named Catching Fire. We’ve never been under a government who wants us to be controlled so learning or reading about one could help our country help others or possibly in the future help us help ourselves. This is a good quality to have because we do not know what could happen one day. Whether the fate of our country is good or bad, having a grasp at what we think may happen is a good thing.

The book Catching Fire is very good but not all of us have read it so talking about the movie seems much easier. How to start talking about this movie is rather simplistic the best way to summarize being that things go from embers at the end of the first Hunger games and turns into a raging bonfire. As I said before this movie is….. well fantastic to say the very least. It made 161.1 million on its first two days which means any of the students here who wanted to see it did. It is much simpler to review this movie instead of the book because every detail is not needed to be gone over making the review much less cluttered.

The plot starts right at the end of the previous movie Katniss and Peeta (his name is still utterly hilarious) have returned home and are suffering from PTSD. They are trying very hard to readjust to their family filled yet slightly terrible lives in district 12. As much as they want to forget their worries and never talk about Hunger related ever again they are forced to tour around districts and talk about what the Hunger Games stand for and such. The first district they visit is 11 and the site of Rue’s family is rather disturbing to Katniss. Well instead of reading from a script like good little tributes they decide to speak from their hearts which causes Katniss and Peeta to say some things that rile up the District 11. Their words give hope to the not so hopeful people making the initial spark of light “catch fire.” The government sees this as a rebellion forming at the hands of every survivor of the hunger games the most powerful being Katniss herself. So the government announces that this year Hunger Games (the quarter quell) will feature every survivor of the previous Hunger Games. This sends Katniss and Peeta and Haymitch in a teary uproar as they may be forced to undergo the horrors and nightmares of the Hunger Games once again almost as if the universe is just out to get them. That’s all I will reveal but it seems the odds are never in these poor people’s favor.

Now like what was said before this movie was great for more reasons than one. To start the new characters are more memorable unlike the first movie where many of the tributes had no lines and died within the first 30 seconds of the actual combat. Each tribute now each has their own natural ability shown off better even if there only in small segments of the movie. One example is the tribute who sharpened every individual tooth in her mouth in to fangs in order to rip out throats. She was only in one part of the movie yet she can be remembered very well. Next this movies corrupt government is much more apparent than in the first movie soldiers don’t hesitate to kill or harm people at all now which makes the plot-point of little hope existing that much stronger. Any flaws with this movie are scarce but there are just some things that most likely made more sense in the book than they did on screen. For example in the end of the first movie Peeta and Katniss had the option of killing themselves so the capital does not have their victor. Why not just let them die if the victors are problems? Why does the capital need a victor? Plus if the capital does not mind killing any random person why do they want the tributes to be entertaining for the sake of the people? Anyone who disagrees could just be killed and no one would do anything about it. I’m sure these answers are found simply in the hunger games themselves but there what seemed to be blatant flaws but again these may be nitpicking.

Catching Fire is a very good movie seeing characters we love return in stronger forms than before is refreshing. Having memorable characters that actually bring new details about the world to light is a great leap forward for the series to hopefully make the conclusion that much more enjoyable. I hope the final movie Mocking Jay takes what the first two movies did and makes it that much better. The fact that the people in this movie can grip on to the smallest string of hope begin to climb is truly astounding to see. This experience of a movie should be a must watch to anyone with eyes. In the end it the story makes you think if our country were in a time of need would we be trapped or would we find our Mocking Jay?