From Maestra to Dean

by Kevin Canfield, The Voice

The Voice tracked down Waubonsie Valley’s newest dean: Señora Gyori. It wasn’t easy by any means, but The Voice was able to get an interview from the new dean and ask her about her new job.Familia Torres Godoy Gyori 117

The Voice: How do you like your new job, are there any perks that come along with it?

Señora Gyori: I am really enjoying it, right now I have the opportunity to have more contact with students. Not only with the Class of 2016, but also the rest of the school, the faculty, and the parents.

The Voice: What do you think the biggest difference is between being a teacher and a dean?

SG: When you are teaching you have a set schedule that you have to go by, but when you’re a dean there’s no schedule at all. For example, I don’t have a lunch period and basically have to eat on the fly. (She was eating lunch as the interview was taking place too). One of the biggest differences though is the unpredictability of being a Dean, you have good days and bad days but you just have to work through them.

The Voice: What are your expectations for the sophomore class this year, in other words, what do you hope to achieve with them?

SG: I would like to make connections with the kids in my class that are more “energetic” than others. Hopefully I won’t have to suspend anyone this year. I believe that I can avoid this by making solid connections with those kids and helping them out in whatever way I can, whether it be academically, emotionally, or behaviorally and so forth and so on. Overall, I believe this sophomore class is very strong and has a lot of potential.