Advice for the Class of ’17

by Justin Williams, The Voice

Four quick tips for freshmen.

Small things that will help you get used to our school a little quicker.imagesCAVT38ZS

1. The huge school

This school is incredibly large; this place is like a maze in its own right. A helpful tip is to just look for cues to help you get around the school. Now one thing that really helps is the fact that there are teachers literally popping out of everywhere (like ninjas) to lend a helping hand.

2. Making friends

It’s really easy to make friends, just join a club. Choose something you like because you will already have something in common. Realize that this is a big school and you can’t be friends with everyone. Besides, that is a ton of names to remember, probably more information than your head can handle so your brain might overload.

3. Time management

The passing period is like a slice of heaven you have before your next class but you have to use it wisely. It seems incredibly short but it’s actually about five minutes which is just enough time to get where you need to go. Speed walking is always the best way to go if your classes are far. Just keep in mind if you run you will most likely fall. You fall, others fall, and seconds later everyone falls so in the end just because you ran in the hallway you’ve created a whole train wreck of disaster. Not to mention you’d end up late for class.

4. Classes

This may not apply just yet but if certain classes have peaked your interest you should learn about them before hand and not just when the school says you should. If you were to do that you may not have the time to be able to fully weigh your options. It’s never a good idea to take a class just because your friend takes it, that could result in you not enjoying the course. Learning what you need and want ahead of time will never negatively affect you. If you keep your head above the water you’ll know when the boats are coming to save you. High school is not necessarily easy but it’s fun if you make it fun. It’s up to you and you only.