A spectrum of Music

WVHS presents Prism Concert

by Rushil Shukla, Featured Writer to the Beat

prismThis winter, Waubonsie Valley is gearing up to host its 22nd annual Prism Concert Series. The concerts give students from band, choir, and orchestra a chance to showcase their unique musical talents and abilities, and are a great way to get into the holiday season.  The four concerts will be performed on Thursday, December 5th and Saturday, December 7th, at 6:00 PM and 8:15 PM. If you have not already secured a ticket, there will be a public distribution of remaining tickets on Monday, Dec. 2nd, starting at 6:30am at the auditorium concessions window. Any remaining tickets will be given out at the ticket booth before the concerts begin.

Ever since the Holiday Prism Concert made its debut in 1992, it has become an annual holiday tradition at Waubonsie. The Prism concerts feature extra-curricular groups, curricular ensembles, and chamber groups from band, choir, and orchestra, and run non-stop. There is no break between one group and the next. The Auditorium is decorated with a holiday flair and a beautiful Winterscape for the Prism concerts and staffed by tech members who oversee lights and all the other technical aspects of the show that make Prism the unique concert that it is. As sophomore Anjana Narasimhan said, “Prism is honestly so cool. With the way it’s set up, I promise that if you go, you’ll never forget it.”

To learn a little more about the Prism experience, the The Beat talked to Waubonsie’s Valley High School’s Music Department Chair- Mr. Duker. “I wish people could see what goes into Prism. We need over 100 volunteers for all the committees and subcommittees we have, and it’s such a tremendous effort by so many people involved with the department. It involves curricular and extracurricular classes, it involves every teacher, and every parent organization. It’s really great how so many people are able to collaborate for this,” said Mr. Duker. Aside from the volunteer effort, Mr. Duker also talked about how much effort the students performing in Prism put in. “All the students performing are spending a long time preparing for music at home and rehearsing it at school. They work very, very hard. I think all students should attend Prism because it’s a great way for them to get in the Holiday spirit, see all of the work that their peers have done, and show some support. It’s also an amazing opportunity to just come and enjoy some amazing music. There are quite a variety of groups that play on the concert.”

The Beat also asked some of Waubonsie’s music students why all students should come to Prism. Trombonist Michael Baker, who is a junior this year and is participating in Prism for the third time, said that “everyone’s at the top of their game for this. It’s everyone’s favorite concert of their year, and all the groups that participate work extremely hard. I think everyone should come because you really get to see the culmination of the hard work of so many music students.”

Violinist Anjana Narasimhan, who is a sophomore this year, agreed. She said that “in no other concert do you get to so many amazing musical groups perform- all of Waubonsie’s musical groups have their own concerts, but this is really the best representation of the Waubonsie Music Program because all the top musical groups are performing. I think that if you want to choose one concert to come to all year, make it Prism.”

The Beat also sat down with senior James O’Neill, who has been attending Prism concerts for the past 8 years, plays saxophone, and is President of Waubonsie Valley’s Tri-M Music Honor Society. “Prism is one of the biggest concerts of the year and for most music concerts their favorite concert of the year,” said O’Neill. “There’s definitely a lot of anticipation that goes into preparing for the Prism Concert. Prism is like the culmination of all the hard work groups have been putting in all semester, and it’s the perfect way to start the holiday season and start thinking about Christmas. I can’t even imagine having a Christmas season without Prism.”

So even if you’re not a music student, go out, get in the holiday spirit, support your peers, and come enjoy some amazing music at Prism this year!