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2017 Winter Final Exams



o Morning buses will pick-up and drop-off students at school at the regular time.

o Buses will leave after the last test period of the exam day and depart at approximately 12:35 PM on Wednesday & Thursday and at 10:55 AM on Friday.


o All classes will meet on the scheduled exam day. All exam periods are 90 minutes in length. Students are required to be on time for the class period and the exam. If a student arrives late, he or she may be sent to the Class House to study and will then have to return for the Make-up Exam Period with his/her teacher. Test Make-up Periods will be from 1:15-2:50 on Wednesday and 10:55-12:30 & 1:15-2:20 on Friday. All Make-up Exams must be arranged with the teacher.

o Students are expected to take exams during their scheduled exam time. If a student is ill on the day of the exam, parents/guardians should call the appropriate House to report the absence AND make contact with the teacher of the course to schedule a Make-up Exam. Test make-up periods are available on two of the exam days (see above).

o Students are expected to remain in their exams for the entire period, even if they finish early. Students should have other materials with them for studying purposes, in order to make the best use of their time.

o Students are not required to be in attendance during their Lunch period nor their Study Hall; however, Quiet Study will be accommodated in the in the LMC on Wednesday & Friday and in and Room 111 on Thursday. Students may also use the cafeteria as a place for study, as they wait for their bus ride to depart at the end of each exam day (12:35 PM Wednesday & Thursday and 10:55 AM Friday).


o WVHS strongly discourages Pre-Planned Absences during exams. Parents requesting an extended absence which includes final exam week must submit their request IN WRITING to their Dean. Students may pick up the Pre-Planned Absence form in the Class House and attach the parent letter before submitting it to the Class House. When the Pre-Planned Absence is approved, the student must arrange with each of his/her teacher to make up the exam(s) missed upon his/her return from Winter Break.


Final Exam Security Protocols

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